Get your team Conversion
Code Certified™

During this 2-day workshop and certification Chris will coach, train and test your marketing and sales teams. Your marketers will leave with a custom plan of action that is built specifically for your business and goals, including a detailed content marketing calendar. They will get to collaborate directly with Chris and he will advise them on what he teaches in The Conversion Code, how to attract high-quality leads that are easy to convert using things like website design, landing pages, email marketing, videos and social media.

Your salespeople will leave with a custom sales script and specific instructions on how to follow up with new and old leads. During the workshop Chris will help them decide the right features and benefits to pitch based on what makes your business different and unique. They will learn exactly how to start calls the right way and close with confidence. They will collaborate with Chris to improve their talk tracks, know how to over come objections with ease and avoid discounting on price.

When your team is Conversion Code Certified™ you will:

  • Get more website traffic
  • Attract higher quality leads
  • Increase your lead conversion rate
  • Grow your email list and social media
  • Lower your cost per lead
  • Build your personal brand and authority
  • Make contact with more leads
  • Set more appointments
  • Close leads faster and at a higher rate
  • Avoid lowering your commission
  • Know for sure that you are getting an ROI
  • Grow faster by alligning marketing & sales

Chris will help youR TEAM improve at

Digital Marketing

Stop chasing leads and start attracting clients with amazing marketing and clever ads. Generate high-quality leads that are easy to convert. Differentiate your brand as the clear authority and get people contacting you who are already sold.

Lead Follow Up

Increase your lead conversion rate, reduce your cost per lead and improve your ROI from marketing and advertising. Put the right people, processes, and technologies in place that convert leads at the highest rate possible.

Inside Sales

Adapt to the consumer privacy changes that have made getting leads to answer the phone harder than ever. Learn the most effective sales techniques, tools, and scripts. Turn more of your conversations into customers.

Who should get Conversion Code Certified™?

Real Estate Teams

If you have a team with marketing and salespeople (ISAs or buyers agents) on it you should get them Conversion Code Certified™. If you are spending thousands of dollars per month on branding or buyer and seller leads, putting your team through this workshop will increase your ROI immediately. Chris has a deep knowledge of the real estate industry he gained by working with 1000s of the top listing agents and teams.

SaaS Companies

If you are a VC backed software company that wants to get more users, lower your cost to acquire a customer, increase your LTV, grow your brand and 10x your current valuation you should get your marketing and sales teams Conversion Code Certified™. Chris has worked extensively with SDRs and sales reps from VC backed startups to improve their performance. He also works with your leadership teams on implementation and adoption.


If you want to turn your personal brand and large social media following into a massively successful business you and your team should get Conversion Code Certified™. Chris used his own social media following to build an eight-figure per year software company, sign multiple book deals with a major publisher, get stock options in fast growing startups and land high paid speaking gigs with prominent orginizations and business conferences.

Companies and Conferences Chris has worked with

A World-Class Workbook

Every workshop attendee gets a beautiful workbook to use while they are getting Conversion Code Certified™. There are dozens of interactive pages, fill in the blank exercises and a test you have to pass at the end in order to receive your certification.

Get your team Conversion Code Certified™

Chris only works with companies, conferences and teams he knows will truly benefit from the workshop.

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