When and how often should you be sending mass emails?

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The day of the week you send has little to no effect on open or click-through rate,3 so try sending on different days and look for any anomalies or spikes in performance. If you find one, take note and make that a priority.

Unlike the day of the week, the time you send emails does make a big difference4. Subscribers are more likely to open emails after 12 pm. The best window of time for getting emails opened is 2–5 pm. Believe it or not, 8 pm performs better than 8 am for getting emails opened.

Frequency also matters. Sending one email per week gets the highest open and click-through rate. Increasing the number of emails sent weekly from one to four decreases the open rate by 33% and the click-through rate by 50%.

That said, sending a daily email gets the same open and click-through rate as sending four, five, or six per week. So, if you decide to send a few times per week, you may want to consider just sending daily. Also, the more emails you send per week, the lower the unsubscribe rate (and fewer people report them as spam).

Here’s what this would look like in the real world. Your frequency decision shouldn’t be as cut and dry as less emails equal higher open rates. If you had a list with 1,000 people on it and you were getting a 20% open rate by sending once per week, 200 people per week would read your emails.

However, if you decided to send daily emails and the 20% open rate decreased by 33%, down to 14%, you would get 140 opens when you sent an email but you would be sending seven per week. Instead of getting 200 emails per week opened by sending once you would get 980 emails opened per week by sending seven times.

So, by sending less often you get a higher open rate, but in my example by sending more often you get nearly 5x more emails opened per week. Remember, it isn’t necessarily the same people on your list opening each email. Getting 980 opens could represent 600 unique people who opened. If that were the case, you would have 3x the number of people per week reading your emails.

I’m not advocating that you send mass emails every single day. I am advocating that you know your numbers and do the right math when figuring out what the best frequency is for your particular list. I think in most cases, your options should be either once a week, twice a week, three times a week, five times a week, or daily.

The truth is, the frequency of your emails should be dictated by how often you have something truly worth sending. If you are creating a ton of great content, you can send a ton of great emails. If you aren’t, you can’t.

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