6 stats that prove salespeople should STFU

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The Conversion Code mecca is high-quality leads + fast response times + lengthy sales calls.

You accomplish the third component by using a smart framework for your conversations focused on asking great questions. Having what I refer to as a “meaningful conversation” is the key to lead conversion.

Here’s one reason why: successful sales calls, when an appointment is booked, are 45% longer than unsuccessful calls1.

If you can’t close, it’s usually because you didn’t dig deep. It’s because you weren’t having a meaningful conversation. Here’s what the data tells us about doing this the right way:

  • The number 1 thing leads want salespeople to do a better job of is listening to their needs.
  • Top salespeople are listening for 54% of the call.
  • Bottom salespeople are listening for 28% of the call.
  • Successful sales calls have 77% more speaker switches than unsuccessful ones.
  • Close rates more than double when you get a lead to increase the length of their responses to your questions.

Write this down and put it where you can see it clearly as you call your leads each day: Dig deep or go to sleep.

That was in my cubicle every single day when I was making my sales calls for Quicken. I knew if I didn’t dig deep and build rapport with someone, they weren’t going to do a loan with me.

You want to script about four to six questions that you will use on every call. The money is made by asking the questions that aren’t scripted—the “digging deep” questions. Most of the scripted questions you will use are really just qualifying questions and conversation starters.

If you’re not asking questions that dig deep, you cannot close at the end of the call. You really want to home in on their emotional and logical reasons for buying. In fact, you want to literally write down their answers to the questions you ask, both scripted and unscripted.

The best salespeople are listening, taking notes, and have a genuine interest in their prospect’s situation; they are not just waiting for the other person to stop talking so they can continue.

If you don’t listen, you can’t dig deep. If you can’t dig deep, you can’t close.

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